2020 Canada on Klewenalp

For many months David’s high school friends had planned to surprise him in Switzerland to celebrate their 40th birthdays.
Their week long adventure took them from Zürich to Berne, Interlaken, Geneva, Klewenalp, Lucerne, and Abtwil. A strong windstorm on Klewenalp calmed down just in time for the Canadians’ arrival. Urs, the organizer of the visit, was able to breathe a sigh of relief. The guests were greeted at the chalet “am Tannä-Rain” with a welcome drink and appetizers around a warming fire in the snow. Inside the chalet, the tables were set, the roasts in the oven. Vreni, Ruth and Luzia had done a fantastic job! Games were played before everybody retired to their rooms at the chalet or at the camp of the “Klewenbahn”.
A foggy morning gave way to sunshine – ideal conditions for skiing. Unfortunately, Joe hurt his knee on the last run, but lucky for him, Bee was there to assess and treat his injuries. Not a ride in the helicopter, but going down with Ruth and Bee to Buochserstrasse 29, seemed to be the ideal solution for Joe’s situation.
Everybody else pulled their sleds up to the “Schneebar” (snow bar) to enjoy a delicious cheese fondue.
The next morning: Wow, what a beautiful day! Breakfast at the chalet was again a great feast that included “Floralp” butter. Then it was time to pack the bags and say good bye. It was so nice with you guys! (Translation Pia Hächler)